Hell no I got a placement!





After what has been months and months of general exhaustion from the scrolling through job adverts, editing CV’s and cover letters and boring my family and friends with details, I FINALLY HAVE A PLACEMENT. I couldn’t be happier if I tried. Is it true? I haven’t left things until the last minute?! It can’t be!

But it is true! I am going to be working at Airbus Group Headquarters in Toulouse as a Global Sourcing assistant, basically contacting and sourcing candidates for UK positions with Airbus Group. I will be starting on Monday 21st of July, giving me no more than 6 weeks until I start my life in France. Scared isn’t even the word. I. Am. Terrified.

However having said this I am DELIRIOUSLY excited. I couldn’t think of anything worse than waiting anxiously sitting around waiting for October to arrive, my excitement levels are similar to a 5 year olds and I can just foresee myself driving my family crazy with constant babble of ‘this Toulouse’, ‘that Toulouse’. When it comes to anything, holidays, concerts, parents evenings.. I am a bit of a keeno and it’s probably for the best to ship me off out the way before anyone comes to loggerheads.

Lots to organise and lots to think about, here really does begin my long awaited third year abroad!

A bientôt!



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