My England room

The other day I treated myself to a brand swanky new camera to take with me on my year abroad. It has a neck strap which makes me feel like the biggest bad ass ever swagging around pretending I’m some sort of pro photographer (the reality is far from). As a camera novice however I’m so far impressed!

Fujifilm Finepix SL240

Fujifilm Finepix SL240

So that night I couldn’t sleep and ended up playing around with it in my room, the photos from which I’ve put together as a sort of momento for when I’m homesick and lonely in Toulouse. Here they are!


I’ve been packing for a week or so now and the mess is UNBEARABLE. I’ll almost be happy to leave for France just so that my room can be all spick and span. In all honesty though my room is usually a dump anyway, so packing or not it would probably be the same.

DSCF8375My little bedside table with my Stag ornament (University of Surrey mascot wut wut), Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil which I loveee, hairbrush and favourite earrings from good old ASOS. Thank God they have ASOS in France because I’m not sure what I’d do without it.

DSCF8386Just next to my bedside table is my bed (who knew?!) where I’ve got a little ballerina hung on my bed frame. It may or may not be a Christmas tree decoration. You’ll see in other photos the amount of dance related items in my room, it was a big part of my life for a long time, but life does move on and nowadays the most dancing I do is in night clubs on a Friday night. I’m pretty cool with this as it happens.

DSCF8381DSCF8383Just above my headboard I put up a collection of dance photographs, my mum bought me the ‘Z’ and the mirror was hers from years ago. It all managed to coordinate  quite well when I was decorating which was lucky for the cheapness! I got the gold frames from charity shops and I really like that each is different, it makes my room feel a bit less ‘show home’.  My favourite is the more contemporary ballet photograph of Darcey Bussell (see above).

DSCF8391At the end of my bed I have some other bits on the wall, I picked up the Arc de Triomphe picture at Sacré Coeur on a sixth form trip to Paris and put it in a frame. At the time I wasn’t even planning to study French at university so I love it even more now that I do! It’s perhaps like some crazy foreshadowing.


DSCF8393My window sill consists of various bits and pieces, but notably a photo of me and my sister in Covent Garden on Christmas Eve 2011 before seeing The Nutcracker at  The Royal Opera House, and a photo of me and my IB bestie in Louis Vuitton on the Champs-Élysées. I got that frame in Paris too!

DSCF8401I’ve pretty much packed all of my clothes now so WHY DO I STILL HAVE A WARDROBE FULL OF CLOTHES.

DSCF8404Finally just to the right of my wardrobe is my cork board, I don’t really use it much these days, but I like looking at all the little bits I’ve acquired on there. Notables include a photo of me and my boyfriend in Turkey last year, passport photos, dance exam badges, audition numbers and concert tickets.

DSCF8408And that is all! I’ve had my room decorated like this for about two years and I really do love it. It’s so cosy in the evening and it reminds me of some sort of oh la la French boudoir. I will miss it so much, but leaving will only make being back in it so much more satisfying when I’m back home!

I’m excited to see how it compares to my room in Toulouse!


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