Day 1 – Day 2 // Toulouse

Day 1

At 4am on Tuesday morning my family and I left our humble abode at to start our trek to the Haute-Garonne. I won’t lie that I slept most of the way, which made the whole journey much easier (sorry parent drivers). We caught our Eurotunnel at 6.15, and subsequently spent 12 hours in the car before finally reaching our hotel. Thanks to taking a wrong turning into Paris and then getting caught in a HUGE traffic jam further south, it took a lot longer than expected and we arrived very hot, irritable and tired. I’ve never been so happy to use my legs.

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Day 2

Was woken up by Dad going onto the balcony, but did have a goooood sleep even so. We had a bit of breakfast in our hotel room from various picnic items left over from the day before and got to grips with not having any British television channels. So far we’ve watched a film/programme (not sure) with a blonde dwarf lady who does magic, and a US detective series called The Mentalist which my parents LOVE but couldn’t fully enjoy due to the (pretty good) French dubbing.

Heading into town I don’t think we realise quite how hot it is here; it is SWELTERING. I am a genuine sun worshipper and there isn’t any heat I won’t sunbathe in, however walking around in it was a different story. Any shop we entered with air conditioning was met with a questionable “Ughhhhhhh” sound from all of us. Way to stand out as a tourist… Stopped for lunch for moules marinière and the sweetest glass of wine I have ever drank, before walking around some more and stumbling on la Basilique Saint-Sernin which was basically a huge beautiful church which had lovely bells playing. After a while the achey feet and heat had gotten to us all, and we visited a Monoprix to get some nibbley food for dinner and headed back to the hotel. The french bread and brie we picked up were extremely welcome, as was the bottle of wine.

The old ‘let’s try and speak French’ chestnut is surprisingly going better than expected, but it is quite annoying people reply to you in English. These poor French people must genuinely feel that switching to their 2nd/3rd language will be easier than having to endure my enthusiastic waffle, something I think I will have to get used to and brush it off as and when unfortunately.

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Tired and grouchy, but excited to start work on Monday, if only for a nice air conditioned office!


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