My France room

Finding somewhere to stay in France was a genuine tale of blood sweat and tears. After what seems like a lifetime of emails and scrolling endlessly through internet ads, I am beyond relieved to be currently snuggled up in my own little piece of France. Thanks to the trauma I’ve also picked up a few pointers for finding somewhere to stay in France, I will try to do a post soon on that one before I start to forget what a nightmare it was.

However this is it! Although this one wasn’t the room in this flat that I had originally been interested in, I actually think that now my stuff is all moved in I my actually prefer it…

DSCF9694Tada! This is actually the smallest room in the apartment, but I think it’s the biggest room I’ve ever had! No complaints here. 

DSCF9695My mum did a brilliant job of picking up bits and pieces that she knew I would need once I got out here, the duvet cover is one of them! She managed to get it on sale in Tesco, so I would definitely recommend doing the same if the space in your car/luggage space allows. The pillows were already here and so was the picture above the bed (some sort of old-fashioned biscuit advert?)

DSCF9696The rooms are so old and therefore many of them have a fireplace in them (blocked up of course). I’ve used the mantle piece to put my jewellery case, toiletries and Good Luck cards from my lovely family and friends 🙂 Makes me feel more at home! The mirror was already in the room which is lucky.

DSCF9699Moving on to my desk, I don’t think I’ve ever ever seen it so tidy! I will definitely try to keep it looking like this, cluttered desk, cluttered mind you know.

DSCF9701View from my bedroom window! It’s nothing special particularly, but having never lived in a city I quite like seeing all the roofs around me and the lights in the evening.

DSCF9703Here you can see my clothes rail and draws for my clothes, both of which (not including the white frame that was already here)  I got from Ikea whilst being out here. If there is a car or public transport available I’d say a trip to Ikea (or any cheap furniture place) is a good bet. It’s sad that I won’t be able to take a lot of it home as I’m planning to fly, but it just makes my room for a year feel a bit more cosy, so definitely worth the money I would say.

So there it is! Can’t wait for family and friends to shack up here, and now that I’m actually all moved in I can get to see a bit more of Toulouse 🙂

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