Week 3

Hurrah for bank holiday weekends!

This week posed itself as a bit of a challenge for me, as my supervisor at work was going to be on holiday for the whole week. I was pretty nervous about being in the office pretty much on my own, thanks to French holidays seeming to leave just about no work force throughout the month of August.  I must admit I did do alright and I don’t think I’ve made any major blunders (touchwoodtouchwoodtouchwood). We’ll see what my supervisor says tomorrow… but it was quite nice in a way to figure some things out on my own and to talk to other people in the office a bit more, and tomorrow my supervisor says that our office will be a no English zone. I need this in my life right now, and will probably do a blog post in more detail about my experience with the language so far. Overall while there are aspects of my French that has improved, there are others that really have not…

On Tuesday my colocs took me to a BRITISH PUB called The London Town. There was a quiz and a happy hour and I had a pint of snakebite and it was the best thing ever. As it was the day of Robin Williams’ death (Rest His Soul) the quiz was basically all about Robin Williams, therefore I was absolutely no help to the team and it’s safe to say we did not win. I will definitely go back there though, the atmosphere was quite young and lively but it was extremely hot in there which was not great.

Snake bite central

Thursday took us to the Bank Holiday Weekend, so my colocs and I went down to the Garonne to meet some Airbus interns. I made the horrible mistake of buying a bottle of wine on a recommendation from a friend, which was opened before I got the chance to a) realise it was red wine (which I don’t drink) and b) find out that it was 10 euros a bottle. I bought a couple of 7ups to mix with it in order to pretend it was sangria, and my French friends were so disgusted that they refused to help me drink it. As a consequence Friday morning was not the nice  bank holiday lay in I was after.

Gorgeous Garonne

Gorgeous Garonne

The bank holiday weekend did mean that I basically did nothing, although on Saturday I did have a girly trip with my gorgeous coloc to the shops and sushi restaurant Zen Sai. On Saturday evening my coloc, our couch sufer and I went to watch Stade Toulousain play Oyonnax at Stade Ernest Wallon, which was SUPER COOL. I learnt some Toulousain chants, some rugby rules and got to watch the hotties doing what they do best. I discovered that I have a disturbing amount of zoom on my camera which I used to my full advantage. Stade Toulousain won 20 – 19. If you’re ever in Toulouse I would definitely recommend! Later that evening we made an amazing curry and chatted until late (correction: my colocs chatted, I hung on to any tiny word I could pick up), it was generally a really nice chilled out day.

My personal favourite Stade Toulousain chant:

Nous, on s’en fous
On est Toulousain
Le Cassoulet, le Bouclier
le Cassoulet, on l’a mangé
Le Bouclier, on va le gagner

I’ve now reached the point where I’m hanging on in there for pay day, so please expect a boring and penniless post for next week. Third year abroad budgeting COME AT ME.


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