Week 5

Week 5 was the main week that the old #IceBucketChallenge rolled around, and it was only a matter of time until nominations made their way to Toulouse. Prior to being nominated I’d wondered where I might do the challenge since we don’t have a garden at our flat, however conveniently I was nominated after a couple of vodka shots at a Russian bar called Nasdrovia, which meant that I was much less worried about doing the IBC in public. Below you can take a look at my – frankly embarrassing – inebriated self doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS Association.

The Nasdrovia place was really cool. It’s not big by any means, but they have a ‘Happy Vodka’ hour at 10pm, where it’s something like 1.50 a shot, and on the Wednesday we went they also had all Russian-y snacks to nibble on for free which was unexpectedly good. Music wasn’t bad either and staff were absolutely lovely (even the doorman), so overall 10/10 would recommend.


Everyone suitably vodka’d.

I made the conscientious decision to get important things done on the Saturday, so did some food shopping, looked round the clothes shops and then treated myself to a pain au raisin while I made headway with Looking for Alaska (John Green) that my house mate had lent to me (if you’re interested, definitely a good easy read but a bit samey in my humble opinion). Sitting on the grass at Place du Président Thomas Wilson and watching the world go by is, I have to say, an ideal way to spend the afternoon, and I’m pretty sure I saw a first kiss happen between a young French duo which was perhaps the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Saturday night brought the obligatory trip to la Garonne for wine and chats, where we managed to sit next to a lovely bunch of musicians who truly allowed Toulouse to live up to the romantic view the rest of the world has of France. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the occasional moments where I’m forced to let out a big sigh and think “jeez… I’m actually on my third year abroad”. The build up is so long and so strained, but for me these little moments are no different to the rose-coloured expectations that I had for this year before I left for Toulouse, I just didn’t actually think it would be exactly how I imagined. They’re better, even.

On Sunday we went to an open air swimming pool called Piscine Nakache, which we got to on a little trip on the equivalent of Boris Bikes in Toulouse – VéloToulouse. It’s still so hot here (easily 27/28 degrees each day), so it was perfect to have a little dip and lay and have girl chats with my gal house mates while my guy house mate exchanged this idea to do some lengths. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s open any more as it’s not ‘summer’ (yeah right), which is a shame because it only cost about 1.50 and is not far from our apartment at all.

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