Week 6 – Week 7

Week 6

This week brought the arrival of mon chériiiii boyfriend who I had not seen for nearly 2 months (sniff!). To say we did nothing would be an understatement, because we did SO little that I almost felt embarrassed to admit this when my friends at work asked what we had gotten up to. In actual fact, what we got up to was watching the whole season so far of Made in Chelsea, taking naps, and seeing if we would get into the RAF based on our push up max’s. (NB: we would). I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We did however cook a roast dinner for the house on Sunday night and it was seriously seriously good. My non-English house mates were particularly struck by the concept of gravy, and we also established that the French hardly ever eat vegetables just as they come. I’ve found this at work also, that any vegetables served are always mixed in with something else, diced, fried or otherwise. That is actually something I miss about the UK, to have vegetables just boiled and not covered in oil. My boyfriend made an onion sauce and amazing roast potatoes, and we all ended the night suitably stuffed.

Week 7

I was invited by my Airbus pals for a Beer Pong tournament on the Saturday night, and was BEYOND impressed when I turned up to find a fully painted and equipped Beer Pong table, which suddenly made winning much more serious than it had been before. As much as I like to feign my amazing Beer Pong skillz, in reality my hand eye coordination IS shocking, and thus the more I lost, the more beer was consumed and the even worse my hand eye coordination became (a viscous circle hey). After a few games I joined my housemate in town at iBar, a club near our appartment. Once again I battled with bouncers to let me in, who would tell me the club was full and then let in a group of 7. After making a nuisance of myself for around 10 minutes they let me enter, I found my friends and we had a great night dancing. I still just can not understand why the bouncers here feel the need to be so awkward here. In the UK bouncers are genuinely there for your own security, sure they can be difficult and grumpy, but no where near as bad as in Toulouse so far…

The Sunday after our night out we made a house trip to Gruissan plage! Desperate to top up my tan ready for the winter months (do they even have winter here?), we hired a minibus, got up nice and early and arrived by lunch time. Although it was hot, there was a nice breeze all day so it wasn’t uncomfortable, and we ate crisps and read and sunbathed and swam in the lovely sea. It was such a nice house mate bonding day, and actually one of the first little things we’d done all together as a clan :’) We arrived home salty and sleepy and concluded that a good day was had by all.

The only downside perhaps is that I forgot to put sun cream on my back, and so have been very sore since. Woohoo maintaining the tan for winter!

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