Week 8

I’m not exactly sure when the winter is supposed to roll around in Toulouse, but I’m sure that it is not anywhere near soon. The temperature has not dropped at all, and I’m pretty sure I could get a banging tan on most days if I were not at work. We have been struck with a nice strong breeze though which takes the burn of the heat off a little bit, and given the city a pretty cosmopolitan feel if you leave your hair down and happen to be wearing high heels that day.

How I feel:

How I look:


So as 2 months tout seul in Toulouse rolls around, I figure that it would be a pretty good time to go home. Conveniently this weekend marked both the running out of Hob Nobs in our apartment AND my sisters birthday, so it seemed like a pretty good time to say a quick hello to England and see my lovely family again. After being striped up £55 by Easyjet for having a bag about 3cm over the cabin ‘limit’ and then taking off half an hour late, I arrived back in the UK at about 6 o’ clock to see my parents waving at me frantically at arrivals. It was a good sight to see.

There are a few things in particular I enjoyed about being back home for the first time:

  • Autumn smell: Okay so as a complete sun bunny I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but the nice crisp smell of autumn actually made me a little bit happy… My genuine decision process for placement year was to pick a country where the official language is French, and then to pick the place where you’re most likely not to have to wear a coat all year (my Toulouse friends however tell me that I will have to wear a coat, but this is coming from the people who were wearing coats in August, thus I’m not so sure as yet).
    As such, my little brain found itself pretty distressed at the pleasure it was taking from the first signs of winter.
  • British high street shops: Jesus crying out loud I have missed going shopping. Since everyone here always dresses SO well, I’ve become aware that perhaps I’m just not giving French clothes shops a chance; half of me is scared of the prices, and the other half is scared that my boot-ay is not goingtofitintoteeny weeny French bikinis. I’d quite honestly rather wait 3 months togetsomeTesco clothes, does thatmakememiddle aged? (lol Mum I’m joking of course it doesn’t…). I’ve really missed Dorothy Perkins and Office and NewLookandDebenhams and I’ve also missed the constant sales we seem to have in the UK.


    Trip to the shops. Grey.

  • Jeremy Kyle: I don’t even need to justify myself on this, but if you’re watching Jeremy Kyle it means that you haven’t been prised out of bed at the crack of dawn to go to work/college/anywhere, and it also means that you’re not ON Jeremy Kyle, which all round is a big A++++. I genuinely feel like along with the Monarchy, tea and bourbon creams, Jeremy Kyle is up there with the most quintessentially British icons and we have him to thank for the life lessons we hold so dearly as adults. I’ve really missed it. (I couldn’t resist including the following video ^^).
  • Starbucks: Sure they take 10 years to make your drink, forget to pay their corporation taxes and and spell your name wrong on each visit, but they make a mean skinny caramel coffee blend frappucino and I will forever be in their debt for this very reason.

Please find an assortment of other photos from my trip back to the UK.

Since I’ve been blogging every week for 2 months now, I now feel it’s time to shuffle around my blogging routine a bit and write about topics of interest to me in Toulouse rather than just day to day happenings. Any ideas very much welcomed, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with the nitty gritty of French life!


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