Father Christmas uses Air Mail!

Everybody knows that Christmas = Family + Chocolate, so when you’re away from your loved ones over the festive period, it doesn’t matter how much Cadburys you’ve stashed away you can feel a little incomplete, just as if Christmas just doesn’t happen without their presence. One of the looming hurdles for most Year Abroad-ers is the December period,  where the fact that the evenings are dark, cold and long does nothing to soothe the homesickness that you feel from missing the life-long family traditions like decorating the tree and watching the turning on of the Christmas lights. If there’s a time to crave the comfort and ease of being at home, let’s face it, it’s now.

However on this particular dark, windy evening I received a note to go to pick a parcel up from La Poste. Unsure what it was, off I go, and was presented at the desk with a reasonably sized box with my Mums’ handwriting on the top. I get home and ripped off the paper to find the sweetest shoe box of goodies in the world that I very nearly had to have a little cry (it’s just hayfever lol). Cadburys and biscuits and little decorations for my room, this package is right up there with the one I received from ASOS a couple of years ago with GHD’s in. The card is fantastic too.





Although it’s difficult and you naturally want to revel in your native traditions at this time of year, let’s just remember that the whole point of a year abroad is to see how the others do it, to embrace these alien and unfamiliar customs and to come back wiser, better version of our Christmassy selves.




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