Flying home for Christmaaaaaaas

My flight home for Christmas was genuinely the best flight that I have ever took. Here is a list of reasons why my flight was so damn nice:

  1. The sky before I left Toulouse was all red and beautiful.
  2. I checked in my suitcase, so for once I wasn’t dragging a cabin case around the airport and I felt as light as a feather.
  3. The BA cabin was gorrrrgeous, with lovely new leather seats and the cabin lighting was lush and so for this reason alone I was happy to have spent the bit more on a BA flight.
  4. NO ONE SAT NEXT TO ME! You always stare with envy at the person on the other side of the aisle who sits with two empty seats next to them, and pray that one day your turn will come to live the same luxury. Yesterday my luck was in and so I sprawled out with my laptop for the entirety of the flight like a King.
  5. The people behind me were engaged in the most lovely conversation I have ever heard. They didn’t know each other, one elderly lady and a middle-aged man, but they got chatting and it was just so refreshing to hear two strangers talking away about their lives so jovially. She kept saying “How lovely it is to have met you! I thought I was going to be so lonely and bored for 2 hours however it has been such a pleasure to have shared this flight with you”; he then helped her with her cabin case all the way through to arrivals and I felt so happy to have had the opportunity to listen to them. It brings back your faith in society, truly.
  6. The air hostesses were on top form and when I asked for a coke asked why I didn’t want some vodka with that. I obliged, it’s Christmas after all…




Wishing everyone the most fantastic Christmas break with your loved ones and refuelling for the new year ^.^

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