Good things come from uncomfortable situations



On Wednesday I went to the first gym sesh back of the year, and was rudely confronted with a change in my gyms timetable. While I’d geared myself up all day  for a BodyPump class, it appeared that the class I’d now turned up to was ‘BodyJam’, a sort of dance/aerobics workout that I’d never been to and had really no desire to try.

Knowing that if I didn’t do the BodyJam class I’d end up doing a half-arsed session and going home again, I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the receiving end of a BodyJam revelation, and I found myself desperately trying to come up with any way I could leave the class half way through with a good excuse. I did stay however, and when I was gathering up my things to leave I got chatting with a regular class goer called Manon, a girl who was super nice and suggested we swap Facebooks so that we could go to a class together sometime.

Sometimes good things come from placing yourself in uncomfortable situations. Kind of glad I turned up at the wrong class now 🙂

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