I had a great day on 15/1/15


On Thursday we had our first Communications meeting of the year at work, for which I had to get up a little bit earlier for so that I could make it over to the other campus in time for 9am. While I initially wasn’t happy about getting up this early, the sunrise when I got to work was so beautiful that I wondered why I don’t get at the same time every morning.

Our Communications meeting went well, and at the end our department manager made a surprise announcement that we would all get to go to have a tour of the A330 final assembly line! The trip was awesome and there was not one single question that our tour guide didn’t know the answer to, she was on FIRE and I learnt such a lot!

Following this my team decided to have lunch at one of the staff restaurants nearest to the final assembly line we’d just visited, and we clearly picked a good day for it because they had organised a ‘New Years Meal’, a set menu which would here on in make up the most extravagant lunch I have had at Airbus to date. How we got any work done at the office after is a mystery, it was sooooooo goooooood…


Our New Years Meal consisted of:

  • Bloody beef with chestnuts, mushrooms and some sort of carrotey/cabbagey thing
  • Lobster
  • Foie gras and toast
  • Cheese and walnut bread
  • A little box of chocolates
  • Chocolate orange desert
  • Champagne

It was an extreeeeeeeeeeemely good day! 😀

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