Malade comme un chien

It finally got me, the annual winter flu šŸ˜¦ Apparently it’s not a phenomena exclusive to England, and in fact the French also harbour these grotty little bugs which have left me laid up in bed wondering if I’ll make it through the day. Now in day 3 of being bed bound, I’m increasingly desperate to feel like a human being again, and to see the world outside of my apartment.

As I guess is to be expected when you’re ill and stranded in a foreign country, I’ve felt pretty homesick the last few days. Not even in the way that I wish I was illĀ at home, but more just England and university life in general. My Mum and Dad have done a great job over the phone by reeling of lists of things not to eat, medication to take and TVĀ programmes to watch; so apart from a good hug and bringing water and ibuprofen to my bedside (which my house mates I must say are doing a fantastic job of), there isn’t much more they could have done for me if they were physically here. But staring at four walls for three days has left me thinking about the things that I can’t wait to come back to England for when I’ve finished with my year abroad and here are a selection.

  • Heinz beef broth soup.

  • Heinz cream of chicken soup.

  • Going to lectures.

  • Starbucks with course pals.

  • Not having to go to 5 different shops for 5 different items (Tesco does all <3<3<3).

  • Swooping by Tesco after the gym.

  • Varsity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baked beans on toast.

  • Ordering Domino’s as a quick and simple process.

  • Ordering any takeaway as a quick and simple process.

  • Constant high street sales.

  • Superdrug.

  • Songs from this decade in the club.

  • Sitting by the lake at uni in the summer.

  • Regular transport timetables.

  • Regular gym timetables.

  • Getting dressed up to the nines for a night out.

  • Ben & Jerries Tesco offers.

  • Crackers.

  • Sausage sandwiches.

  • Watching television on an actual TV.

  • Emergency midnight walks to Tesco.

To name a few.

Thanks to my homeland yearning, I’m experiencing much more anticipation for my year abroad to draw to a close than usual. I think perhaps it’s the ibuprofen talking, but it is funny how one minute I’m sure I could stay in France forever and the next I’m ready to get on that plane and return to HobNob and red post box goodness.


Big contagious hugs to all those also suffering this winter!

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