Une semaine vraiment sympa :)

Welcome to edition 486 of ‘Long Distance Love continues to be a pain in the backside‘, in which I’ve just waived off my boyfriend at the bus station after a reaaaaally nice week together here in Toulouse. The weather was great, we ate well and we drank even weller… this is a personal post with some of the bits we got up to 🙂

8am flight from Gatwick

8am flight from Gatwick


Grabbed a Passion Fruit mojito and a beer at Le Carbet d’Oc, before having dinner at La Mezée, both of which are located in the Carmes area. La Mezée is a Lebanese restaurant with a set menu of all little bits and pieces; the waitress was super nice and explained to us what each dish was, which was really helpful! We had a nice meal.


Went for tea and cake at O Thé Divin (pavlova nommm, although not as good as the pavlova at Flowers Café for the record…), then popped to the shops for some groceries. Discovered that we don’t see eye to eye when food shopping and thus spent a long time planning what to have for dinner for the rest of the week. We got back home and made really good fahitas.


Left over fahitas and snuggles.


Jacob made an epic carbonara and then it was ready to let loooooooooooose for the weekendddddd! One of my lovely fellow interns invited us round for pre-drinks in her adorable flat, and then out to a rum bar next to Capitole called  La Cale Sèche. She did prewarn us before we entered that this bar was a real trap; you just do not leave this bar in the same state of mind that you entered… The headache we were confronted with on Saturday morning proved her point quite nicely, but it was DEFINITELY worth it for the novelty boat-like interior of this bar and many different flavours of rum we sampled. Massive thumbs up!


Went for hungover sushi at Planet Sushi and ate our body weight in maki (all you can eat for 15 euro, hello!). Felt disgusting and dragged ourselves back to my appartment for a nap, but stopped on the way at Place Wilson to watch Cross Fitters showing off in the sun in some promotional thing. Headed out again for a post-nap ice cream at Haagen Dazs and watched the world go by, and after visited to the roof of Galeries Lafayette to see the sunset toulousainnn.


Decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and go for a walk and a picnic! After discovering a fantastic website detailing the best picnic places in Toulouse, we took a chance on a park called Les Quinze Sols near Blagnac to soak up the sun and get out of Toulouse metropole a bit. We walked and walked and walked, and then sat to eat at around 5ish with all the goodies we bought at the market that morning. The park really was stunning with the rushing water from the Garonne, and there wasn’t many people there so it felt relatively secluded. We took bus ligne 70 and got off at Camélias to get there. Post walk we went for a Sunday glass of wine at the bar on the corner of my road before getting a very VERY good sleep.


After a busy day of meetings at work, Jacob made a really good seasoned beef and flat bread meal. We sat on our laptops and spent the rest of the evening like so. *Perfection*


FIRST 2015 TRIP TO THE GARONNE!!!! Words can not express how excited I was to sit out in the warm weather again with lovely friends and watch the sun go down, in what is without a doubt my favourite place in the city. It made me excited/emotional for the remaining time I have here.


Made our last meal out to Le Carpaccio near Jeanne D’Arc since it always looks busy and we needed to stay close by for Jacob to get the Airport shuttle. I took a calzone which I was less than impressed with, but Jacobs magret de canard looked gorgeous. (Why does he always win the food comparison game whenever we eat out???) Took Jacob to the bus stop to wave him off on his trip back to the UK.

It’s a shame that we don’t really know when we’ll see each other again, but until next time I’m fully Jacob-recharged and I can get thinking about some good ideas for what will probably be his last trip to Toulouse! :O

 Ciao ciao ciaooooo

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4 responses to “Une semaine vraiment sympa :)

  1. Loved reading this. Looks like you guys had a fantastic visit. Also all that lovely French food is making me hungry! My English long distance man and I are hoping to travel to France sometime this summer after we close the distance and I cannot wait to try out my terrible French and to eat a billion desserts 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go.

    Have a lovely rest of your time in Toulouse!


    • Thanks so much! You guys should definitely travel to France if you get the opportunity, it’s such a unique country with strange unique people 😉 So happy to hear that you’ll be closing the distance soon, massive good luck to you both! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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