A petit rant on night clubs in Toulouse

I love Toulouse so much, the relaxed attitude, the Garonne, the sun… However if there is one thing that I really have grown to hate is night club bouncers in this town. After being refused entry to a club only half an hour ago for no good reason whatsoever, I’m more than a little bit angry and quite honestly sick of this weekly fight with these men who seem to think they run the entire gaff.

Tonight myself and Georgia went to go into the club, and were told that it wasn’t possible to enter. We assumed that it was full or something, and since we were waiting for other friends to join us, we decided to have a drink at the bar across the road. Hours later when our friends had arrived, we went to enter the club again. This time half of our group were allowed to enter while the other half of us were refused. It really takes me back to last summer when I was going out much more, where we incurred these endless trawls around Toulouse constantly just to find somewhere to party that will let you in and I really don’t want to go back to that.

Let’s examine the situation for a possible reason that the bouncer didn’t let me into Telegramme tonight:

  • I was with a medium-sized, relatively mixed gender group.
  • I was wearing a white t-shirt, smart navy ankle-length trousers, a leather jacket and leopard print plimsolls (in my opinion what is a fairly standard going out outfit for France).
  • I wasn’t drunk.
  • I wasn’t rude.

So then WHY would a bouncer see any just reason not to let me into their club? I LEGIT DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

I think that what annoys me the most about the whole situation is that they don’t explain why they are not letting you in. Very rarely will they tell you the reason why they’re refusing your entry, giving excuses like ‘it’s not possible‘ or ‘the club is full’ (proceeds to let the 10 people behind you in…).  It’s humiliating and it’s really frustrating. I am almost certain a lot of the time that it is because I’m not French, however we’ve worked out that it also depends on the size and gender mix of the group that you’re with. Yes I do understand that some businesses will target a specific crowd for its brand image, but what we’re talking about here is a fairly average club in a meh-sized city, it’s not some VIP resort in St Tropez for Christ sake…

I’m so sick of this being an issue – I genuinely can not WAIT to get back to the UK and meet the nicey-nicey bouncers who are there for your safety and not to play some sadistic selection game with people who just want to have a good time.


 Do you have similar stories to this? Is it just in Toulouse that this happens or have you noticed it across France? Maybe even in other countries?  How should I deal with this situaton in the future? Let me know in a comment or tweet me @zoe_tay.

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4 responses to “A petit rant on night clubs in Toulouse

  1. Wow that really sucks, I’ve never had an experience like that and would be completely taken aback. I can’t believe they don’t even give you an explanation! How rude lol. You weren’t even wearing trainers (don’t know if you’re a fan of The Inbetweeners but I love that show :p).


    • Hahhaha loved the inbetweeners reference! I was actually thinking about that last night where they trade shoes with the homeless guy, thankfully it hasn’t gotten quite so desperate yet! ;D

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