Last day at Airbus! :(

A bit of an impromptu one from me, today marked the last day of my contract at Airbus Group and it really now is starting to feel like the beginning of the end. I got lovely gifts from my team and lots and lots of hugs and well wishes were shared; I really hope the next time I am in Toulouse I can see them and say a little bonjour.

DSC_0558 1

Les belles xxx

It’s amazing how quickly six months can go  – it seems like yesterday that I arrived to my team and there was snow on the ground, here we are now in 35 degree heat and the air con blazing. It would have been nice to have spent a little bit longer with them to see the annual cycle of HR processes, but unfortunately life goes on and it will soon be time for me to head back to Surrey to begin my final year of study. It does though start to become clear what people mean when they try to explain just how quickly 3, 5, 10 years passes by, I suppose it only teaches you to make the most of every day and to just be nice to people really. Life is toooooo short.


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