A poem by Georgia

The other day I jokingly told Georgia to write me a poem if she was bored. The next day I receive an email that nearly brought me to tears laughing and here it is:


A shard of silver in the sky,
An A320 just flew by,
An extraordinary feat for men to fly,
Majestic flight – she waves goodbye.
A girl who yearns through glassy panes,
To visit Bourget air show again.
She dreams of wings, of fans, of wheels,
HR is no plane lovers ideal.
But here in this office in sunny Toulouse,
With her hair in a bun wearing sensible shoes,
Sits a girl unaware of the impact she makes,
Helping Airbus along every phone call she takes.
For without her the outfit would fall to the ground,
And the Airbus empire crumble down,
No more shards of silver, no more wheels or wings,
Not without all the assistance she brings.
Some say excellence is not just a skill,
But a certain girl’s attitude, character and will.
A girl who may think her contribution is stunting,
But without Zoe Taylor, Airbus would be nothing.


The girl is a literary genius. Thank you! šŸ˜›

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