My Year Abroad playlist – Part 1

For me, and I’m sure like a lot of people, the medium that brings me the most ultimate feeling of nostalgia is music. I can pretty much identify a song for most meaningful events in my life – so much that the first couple of notes on the track can transport me back to that exact moment with the sounds, feelings and smells that accompanied it. My year in Toulouse has been no different!

In a single year, we hear so much new music that it is inevitable that many of these songs will make a particular impact, and without any real world indication link themselves to one of the new, wonderful moments that we’ve encountered on our year abroad. So before memories fade and my favourite songs descend back down through the charts, I’ve decided to keep a blog record of the songs that always be synonymous with my third year abroad in Toulouse. For fear of making a single blog post too long, here is Part 1! 😉

Black M – Sur ma route

MAGIC SYSTEM – Magic In The Air Feat. Chawki

I downloaded these two tracks for the 10 hour road trip from Essex to Toulouse before my year abroad had even begun, so these songs will always remind me of the first couple of weeks getting settled in Toulouse. I was happy to hear these at pretty much every club we went to throughout the year, and it was nice to see myself understanding more and more of the lyrics as my language improved!

Ed Sheeran – I’m A Mess

I’m sure it was my sister who sent me Ed’s album shortly after I arrived to France and it very quickly came my soundtrack to summer 2014. I’m A Mess has very quickly become my favourite song of the album and has shown itself nowadays doubling up as one of my preferred songs for shower performances (sorry housemates…).

Sia – Chandelier

I feel like the French particularly liked this one and it was alwaaaaaaaaaaays on the radio.

Klingande – Jubel

This song equals Friday afternoons in the Global Sourcing team getting geared up for the summer weekend ^_^

K.I.Z. – Spasst

An anomaly to my year abroad playlist as the only German song that features, Michael showed me this one back in the early days of my year in Toulouse and it taught me one of the only German words I know, apotheke (pharmacy woo!). My apologies to any Germans I may have offended with this one but in my defence I literally have no idea what it’s saying.

Ben Howard – End of the Affair

I downloaded I Forgot Where We Were and it didn’t disappoint, HOWEVER I do find it a little bit melancholy compared to some of his other stuff. I don’t think it really helped that I started listening to this album in about October of my year abroad, when days were getting shorter, many of my good friends were leaving and I honestly felt quite down and lonely. I still loveee this song though, sad memories and all.

Stromae – moules frites

When Clément told me that the moules in this song didn’t really mean mussels, but rather some glorious euphemism for a womens lady parts, my whole understanding of French language came crashing down. Now I can’t have Moules Frites without having this song in my head for the entire meal 🙂

Black M – Je ne dirai rien ft. The Shin Sekaï, Doomams

I reaaaaally like this song and it specifically reminds me of sitting in a pizzeria in Paris with Sam and Eloise, where it came on the television showing a music channel and I was like ‘heyyy I know this song!‘. I also like the ‘T’aimes pas les canards mais t’enchaines les duckface‘ (I would attempt to translate this but I have a feeling ‘les canards’ doesn’t refer to actual ducks in this instance… Frenchies please enlighten me!)

Kendji Girac – Andalouse

This song is so catchy I just can’t even. I made a particular effort to learn the words but haven’t yet had the chance to impress anyone yet…

Beyoncé – 7/11

Transports me back to sitting on the bus home from work in the middle of winter, where I decided to consult YouTube on what the hell was going on with Beyoncés twitter feed AND HEARD THIS. It’s such a shame that French clubs don’t seem to play music from the current century as I really wanted to have a good old dance to it!

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

ESN Ski trip to Saint-Lary, the evening party drinking vodka apple juice (apparently a legitimate combination?) and I was busting out the moves with Laura and Aoife like I was Bruno the Mars himself. I’m not sure if it looked as good as it felt, but it clearly did some sort of magic because I made such good friends on this trip and no one mentioned anything horrific the next day *result*.



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