My Year Abroad Video!

I was soooooooooo excited to start my mini project of creating my final Year Abroad video once I arrived back in the UK, and I’m really glad that I FINALLY made it. Throughout the year I’ve made an effort to record little bits and pieces and HOLD ON TO THEM (the hardest part) so that I could mash them all together and give a really good idea of what my year in Toulouse was like. Now, I maintain that my video editing skills aren’t fantastic and so originally I wanted to learn a new programme and make this final project of mine ohhhh so fancy – but life happens and all of a sudden it was September and no Year Abroad video had materialised and I was in a panic. Windows Movie Maker will have to do for now, but it certainly didn’t *enhance* my technical skills. Next time hey.

Fancy special effects aside however, there is not a lot that could take away from the love I feel when I watch this video through. I could watch it on repeat for days. I feel like I’m right back there filming with the smells and the wind and the French all around me, only to look outside to another bleak, grey English day. It’s sad but I tell myself that if I hadn’t had that wonderful experience I wouldn’t be sad now… therefore better to be sad having had the best time ever than normal sans wonderful year abroad right??? I’m so happy to be back in the UK but a little ittle bit of my heart was left behind in Toulouse and there it will stay forever.

Enough gush now watch ma video.


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